What is RV Ministry?

My first thought was traveling ministry around the world ministering to people anywhere. This is not actually wrong some ministries do go to many locations to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The second ideal was purchasing a RV and setting up events for crowds of people more for entertaining then ministering. Nope, these were not what the Lord was impressing upon me. It took prayer to receive the whole vision that God is trying to convey to me.

All of the above is true for some RV ministries. I am sure I would be entertaining the thought of expanding outside of my city or state. Well, this is how God is dealing with me. He showed me that there are unchurched people that must be reach with the gospel. These are people that call themselves “nomads” or RV’ers that living on the road. Reaching one RV community at a time.

RV ministry is using the literal vehicle of those I am trying to convey the gospel with successful outcome. paraphrase: Paul said, he had to became like the people in order to draw them to Christ. { 1 Corinthians 9:19-23}. So, I am currently researching how rv’ers or nomads live, that way when I minister the gospel I am aware of their livelihood. Even, if it takes staying in a RV for a while for my own experience. I find these are not just vacationers, they are people who are making a living and a desires to be separate.

Visiting some of the RV shows I have learned that when travelers are not on the road. They may stay in a trailer or mobile home sites that allow rental lots.

I have recently joined groups to communicate with people that love RVing. Now I know how to get great camping resort tips. Some places have preachers come in site which great to know.

Tampa metro and urban areas have many communities. My desire is to outreach in as many as I can to gain Bible study opportunities.

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